This webpage will be a collection of commentaries on various topics in nutrition. It will be updated periodically with new information. These articles are all protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in any format without written permission. If you would like to re-print them, please contact me. I'm generallly happy to grant re-printing permission.

Are all meats created equal - can one meat be exchanged for a different meat in a recipe?
I am sometimes asked whether it's okay to substitute one meat in a recipe for a different meat, ie turkey for chicken, pork for beef etc. The answer is NO, meats are not interchangeable and substituting one meat for a different meat will result in a completely different nutrient balance. Let me elaborate. >>> MORE

Cooked versus Raw - my personal and professional opinion (find out which of my recipes can be fed raw by clicking here).
I am frequently asked "where do you stand on feeding raw?" The short answer is that I personally recommend feeding raw fruits and vegetables, but I recommend cooking meats. The long answer is that I'm not dogmatic in my thinking - I recognize that many people have great success feeding 100% raw. However I believe, based on my own personal experience, that you can achieve the same results by feeding a combination of raw and cooked foods and I believe this is a safer and healthier way to feed a dog. Let me elaborate. >>> MORE

Complete and balanced nutrition - is it really that important?
The challenge I typically receive goes something like this… I don't eat complete and balanced meals and neither do wolves in the wilds, so why do I need to worry about feeding complete and balanced meals to my dog? Can't I just feed a variety of different foods? Won't that provide healthy nutrition? The short answer is "no". Let me elaborate. >>> MORE